pub use cstr_core as cstr;


Bluetil tools for BLE Advertising Data (AD)

Common error handling components for the RIOT operating system

Experimental area for GNRC utility functions

Controlling the I²C bus

Interaction with interrupts

Wrappers for the LEDn_{ON,OFF,TOGGLE} macros

Tools for providing a RIOT main function

Access to messages by explicit type indication

Data-carrying mutex built using RIOT’s mutex module

Registration and use of SAUL, the Sensor Actuator Uber Layer

Tools for running RIOT’s built-in shell

An implementation of the embedded_nal (Network Abstradtion Layer) UDP traits based on RIOT sockets

An implementation of the embedded_nal (Network Abstradtion Layer) TCP traits based on RIOT sockets

Wrappers for the stdio

Transport modules around SUIT firmware updates

Create, inspect or modify RIOT processes (“threads”)


Wrap a Rust interrupt handler in an extern “C” wrapper that does the post-return cleaups.

To have a nice Rust main function, run the riot_main! macro with the name of your main function an item (ie. top level in a module) in your crate. The function identified by it must return something that implements the Termination trait.

Make a function whose signature is fn(&mut Stdio, Args<'b>) -> impl Termination available through XFA in any RIOT shell, even when called throuch C. (The function’s signature may be more generic, eg. accepting an impl Write and an impl IntoIterator<&str>).


Name of the RIOT board that is being used