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Interaction with interrupts

The RIOT wrappers offer three ways to interact with interrupts:

  • Utility functions can disable interrupts (creating critical sections), check whether interrupts are enabled or to determine whether code is executed in a thread or an ISR.

  • Some functions (eg. ZTimer::set_ticks_during) take callbacks that will be called in an interrupt context.

    These are typechecked to be Send, as they are moved from the thread to the interrupt context.

  • Writing interrupt handlers (using the interrupt! macro).

    Writing interrupt handlers is something that obviously needs some care; when using this module, you must understand the implications of not doing so within the CPU implementation. (Note: The author does not).

    This is intended to be used for implementing special interfaces that have no generalization in RIOT (eg. setting actions at particular points in a PWM cycle).

Rust code intended for use within interrupts does not generally need special precautions – but several functions (generally, anything that blocks) are discouraged (as they may fail or stall the system) outside of a thread context.


Proof of running inside a critical section. Reexported from the bare_metal crate. Critical section token.


Run a closure in the current context, but with interrupts disabled.

Trivial safe wrapper for irq_is_enabled

Trivial safe wrapper for irq_is_in