Module riot_wrappers::gcoap

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Available on riot_module_gcoap only.


  • The message buffer of a .well-known/core file in appication/link-format, as it is passed to a WithLinkEncoder handler.
  • A representation of the incoming or outgoing data on the server side of a request. This includes the coap_pkt_t pre-parsed header and option pointers as well as the memory area dedicated to returning the packet.
  • Lifetimed helper through which registrations can happen
  • A combination of the coap_resource_t and gcoap_listener_t structs with only a single resource (Compared to many resources, this allows easier creation in Rust at the expense of larger memory consumption and slower lookups in Gcoap).



  • Append a Gcoap listener in the global list of listeners, so that incoming requests are compared to the listener’s match functions and, if matching, are run through its handlers.
  • Give the caller a way of registering Gcoap handlers into the global Gcoap registry inside a callback. When the callback terminates, the registered handlers are deregistered again, theoretically allowing the registration of non-’static handlers.