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Registration and use of SAUL, the Sensor Actuator Uber Layer

This modules falls largely into two parts:

  • Drivable and Registration, which are used to register custom sensors or actuators into SAUL, and
  • RegistrationEntry with its various constructors that find sensors or actuators in SAUL, which allows interacting with them.

In mapping SAUL semantics to Rust, some parts are not aligned in full:

  • The Phydat type used here always has a length – as opposed to phydat_t which contains up to PHYDAT_DIM values, and transports the number of used items on the side – but not always.

    This affects sensor data writing, and is documented with the respective calls.

  • Drivable provides both a read and a write callback unconditionally; consequently, a device built from it will alays err with -ECANCELED and never with -ENOTSUP.


A typed saul_driver_t, created from a Drivable’s build_driver() static method, and used in pinned form in registrations.

A wrapper around phydat_t that keeps the values and the number of valid values in one place.

A discovered SAUL registry entry


Device class