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§RIOT documentation helper

This crate contains neither actual code or documentation, but its build infrastructure is suitable to produce rustdoc output for all crates in the RIOT ecosystem.

If you are new to Rust on RIOT, your best starting point are the examples, which also contain any setup instructions you may need.

If you are looking for documentation on individual crates, you may want to see:

The trouble with RIOT crates is that they are practically used with a RIOT checkout present, and even are called from inside RIOT’s build system. Thus, any crate that wants documentation built in the general way (at would need special casing in its build system, and ship some parts of RIOT to even build the riot-sys crate it depends on. Furthermore, that build process also includes having c2rust installed locally, which in term requires a particular nightly toolchain.

A related issue is that both riot-sys and riot-bindgen have parts of their code not conditional on cargo-enabled features, but on the capabilities (“modules” and “provides”) of the RIOT application and board. (That mechanism may change in future, but even if the conditional parts were enabled using features, builds would fail when the code parts lack their implementation’s bindgen and C2Rust generated backing functions). Thus, this crate makes up a board setup that makes all of riot-wrappers’ features available.