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A collection of typical RIOT shell commmands, implemented in Rust

They serve three purposes:

  1. They are examples of how to use particular functions of RIOT
  2. They are a test case for comparing string formatting overhead (both C vs. standard Rust and standard Rust vs. potentially upcoming ufmt based implementations)
  3. In Rust applications, they can be included instead of the operating system provided shell function, when 2. comes out net positive (especially if no other printfs are around and Rust’s formatting is used for other reasons anyway), possibly also with a Rust based shell prompt.


  • A command list including all the commands defined in this crate
  • An implementation of a ps command in Rust
  • Expose the read side of the SAUL registry in a command that allows listing, querying and setting SAUL entries.
  • A sleep in seconds implemented on the milliseconds ztimer