Struct riot_sys::sock_tcp

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pub struct sock_tcp {
Show 33 fields pub address_family: u8, pub local_addr: [u8; 16], pub peer_addr: [u8; 16], pub ll_iface: i8, pub local_port: u16, pub peer_port: u16, pub state: u8, pub status: u8, pub snd_una: u32, pub snd_nxt: u32, pub snd_wnd: u16, pub snd_wl1: u32, pub snd_wl2: u32, pub rcv_nxt: u32, pub rcv_wnd: u16, pub iss: u32, pub irs: u32, pub mss: u16, pub rtt_start: u32, pub rtt_var: i32, pub srtt: i32, pub rto: i32, pub retries: u8, pub event_retransmit: evtimer_msg_event_t, pub event_timeout: evtimer_msg_event_t, pub event_misc: evtimer_mbox_event_t, pub pkt_retransmit: *mut gnrc_pktsnip_t, pub mbox: *mut mbox_t, pub rcv_buf_raw: *mut u8, pub rcv_buf: ringbuffer_t, pub fsm_lock: mutex_t, pub function_lock: mutex_t, pub next: *mut sock_tcp,
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@brief Transmission control block of GNRC TCP.


§address_family: u8

< Address Family of local_addr / peer_addr

§local_addr: [u8; 16]

< Local IP address

§peer_addr: [u8; 16]

< Peer IP address

§ll_iface: i8

< Link layer interface id to use.

§local_port: u16

< Local connections port number

§peer_port: u16

< Peer connections port number

§state: u8

< Connections state

§status: u8

< A connections status flags

§snd_una: u32

< Send unacknowledged

§snd_nxt: u32

< Send next

§snd_wnd: u16

< Send window

§snd_wl1: u32

< SeqNo. from last window update

§snd_wl2: u32

< AckNo. from last window update

§rcv_nxt: u32

< Receive next

§rcv_wnd: u16

< Receive window

§iss: u32

< Initial sequence sumber

§irs: u32

< Initial received sequence number

§mss: u16

< The peers MSS

§rtt_start: u32

< Timer value for rtt estimation

§rtt_var: i32

< Round trip time variance

§srtt: i32

< Smoothed round trip time

§rto: i32

< Retransmission timeout duration

§retries: u8

< Number of retransmissions

§event_retransmit: evtimer_msg_event_t

< Retransmission event

§event_timeout: evtimer_msg_event_t

< Timeout event

§event_misc: evtimer_mbox_event_t

< General purpose event

§pkt_retransmit: *mut gnrc_pktsnip_t

< Pointer to packet in “retransmit queue”

§mbox: *mut mbox_t

< TCB mbox for synchronization

§rcv_buf_raw: *mut u8

< Pointer to the receive buffer

§rcv_buf: ringbuffer_t

< Receive buffer data structure

§fsm_lock: mutex_t

< Mutex for FSM access synchronization

§function_lock: mutex_t

< Mutex for function call synchronization

§next: *mut sock_tcp

< Pointer next TCB

Trait Implementations§


impl Clone for sock_tcp


fn clone(&self) -> sock_tcp

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1.0.0 · source§

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

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impl Debug for sock_tcp


fn fmt(&self, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result

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impl Default for sock_tcp


fn default() -> Self

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impl Copy for sock_tcp

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