pub struct gcoap_listener { pub resources: *const coap_resource_t, pub resources_len: size_t, pub tl_type: gcoap_socket_type_t, pub link_encoder: gcoap_link_encoder_t, pub next: *mut gcoap_listener, pub request_matcher: gcoap_request_matcher_t, }
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@brief A modular collection of resources for a server


resources: *const coap_resource_t

< First element in the array of resources; must order alphabetically

resources_len: size_t

< Length of array

tl_type: gcoap_socket_type_t

@brief Transport type for the listener

Any transport supported by the implementation can be set as a flag. If @ref GCOAP_SOCKET_TYPE_UNDEF is set, the listener listens on all supported transports. If non of the transports beyond UDP are compiled in (i.e. no usage of modules gcoap_dtls, …) this will be ignored and @ref GCOAP_SOCKET_TYPE_UDP assumed.

link_encoder: gcoap_link_encoder_t

< Writes a link for a resource

next: *mut gcoap_listener

< Next listener in list

request_matcher: gcoap_request_matcher_t

@brief Function that picks a suitable request handler from a request.

@note Leaving this NULL selects the default strategy that picks handlers by matching their Uri-Path to resource paths (as per the documentation of the @ref resources and @ref resources_len fields). Alternative handlers may cast the @ref resources and @ref resources_len fields to fit their needs.

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