Struct riot_sys::NRF_RTC_Type

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pub struct NRF_RTC_Type {
Show 21 fields pub TASKS_START: u32, pub TASKS_STOP: u32, pub TASKS_CLEAR: u32, pub TASKS_TRIGOVRFLW: u32, pub RESERVED: [u32; 60], pub EVENTS_TICK: u32, pub EVENTS_OVRFLW: u32, pub RESERVED1: [u32; 14], pub EVENTS_COMPARE: [u32; 4], pub RESERVED2: [u32; 109], pub INTENSET: u32, pub INTENCLR: u32, pub RESERVED3: [u32; 13], pub EVTEN: u32, pub EVTENSET: u32, pub EVTENCLR: u32, pub RESERVED4: [u32; 110], pub COUNTER: u32, pub PRESCALER: u32, pub RESERVED5: [u32; 13], pub CC: [u32; 4],
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@brief Real time counter 0 (RTC0)



< (@ 0x00000000) Start RTC COUNTER


< (@ 0x00000004) Stop RTC COUNTER


< (@ 0x00000008) Clear RTC COUNTER


< (@ 0x0000000C) Set COUNTER to 0xFFFFF0

§RESERVED: [u32; 60]§EVENTS_TICK: u32

< (@ 0x00000100) Event on COUNTER increment


< (@ 0x00000104) Event on COUNTER overflow

§RESERVED1: [u32; 14]§EVENTS_COMPARE: [u32; 4]

< (@ 0x00000140) Description collection: Compare event on CC[n] match

§RESERVED2: [u32; 109]§INTENSET: u32

< (@ 0x00000304) Enable interrupt


< (@ 0x00000308) Disable interrupt

§RESERVED3: [u32; 13]§EVTEN: u32

< (@ 0x00000340) Enable or disable event routing


< (@ 0x00000344) Enable event routing


< (@ 0x00000348) Disable event routing

§RESERVED4: [u32; 110]§COUNTER: u32

< (@ 0x00000504) Current COUNTER value


< (@ 0x00000508) 12 bit prescaler for COUNTER frequency (32768/(PRESCALER+1)).Mu t be written when RTC is stopped

§RESERVED5: [u32; 13]§CC: [u32; 4]

< (@ 0x00000540) Description collection: Compare register n

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