Struct riot_sys::NRF_QDEC_Type

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pub struct NRF_QDEC_Type {
Show 30 fields pub TASKS_START: u32, pub TASKS_STOP: u32, pub TASKS_READCLRACC: u32, pub TASKS_RDCLRACC: u32, pub TASKS_RDCLRDBL: u32, pub RESERVED: [u32; 59], pub EVENTS_SAMPLERDY: u32, pub EVENTS_REPORTRDY: u32, pub EVENTS_ACCOF: u32, pub EVENTS_DBLRDY: u32, pub EVENTS_STOPPED: u32, pub RESERVED1: [u32; 59], pub SHORTS: u32, pub RESERVED2: [u32; 64], pub INTENSET: u32, pub INTENCLR: u32, pub RESERVED3: [u32; 125], pub ENABLE: u32, pub LEDPOL: u32, pub SAMPLEPER: u32, pub SAMPLE: i32, pub REPORTPER: u32, pub ACC: i32, pub ACCREAD: i32, pub PSEL: QDEC_PSEL_Type, pub DBFEN: u32, pub RESERVED4: [u32; 5], pub LEDPRE: u32, pub ACCDBL: u32, pub ACCDBLREAD: u32,
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@brief Quadrature Decoder (QDEC)



< (@ 0x00000000) Task starting the quadrature decoder


< (@ 0x00000004) Task stopping the quadrature decoder


< (@ 0x00000008) Read and clear ACC and ACCDBL


< (@ 0x0000000C) Read and clear ACC


< (@ 0x00000010) Read and clear ACCDBL


< (@ 0x00000100) Event being generated for every new sample value written to the SAMPLE register


< (@ 0x00000104) Non-null report ready


< (@ 0x00000108) ACC or ACCDBL register overflow


< (@ 0x0000010C) Double displacement(s) detected


< (@ 0x00000110) QDEC has been stopped

§RESERVED1: [u32; 59]§SHORTS: u32

< (@ 0x00000200) Shortcuts between local events and tasks

§RESERVED2: [u32; 64]§INTENSET: u32

< (@ 0x00000304) Enable interrupt


< (@ 0x00000308) Disable interrupt

§RESERVED3: [u32; 125]§ENABLE: u32

< (@ 0x00000500) Enable the quadrature decoder

§LEDPOL: u32

< (@ 0x00000504) LED output pin polarity


< (@ 0x00000508) Sample period

§SAMPLE: i32

< (@ 0x0000050C) Motion sample value


< (@ 0x00000510) Number of samples to be taken before REPORTRDY and DBLRDY events can be generated

§ACC: i32

< (@ 0x00000514) Register accumulating the valid transitions


< (@ 0x00000518) Snapshot of the ACC register, updated by the READCLRACC or RDCLRACC task


< (@ 0x0000051C) Unspecified

§DBFEN: u32

< (@ 0x00000528) Enable input debounce filters

§RESERVED4: [u32; 5]§LEDPRE: u32

< (@ 0x00000540) Time period the LED is switched ON prior to sampling

§ACCDBL: u32

< (@ 0x00000544) Register accumulating the number of detected double transitions


< (@ 0x00000548) Snapshot of the ACCDBL, updated by the READCLRACC or RDCLRDBL task

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