pub struct NRF_LPCOMP_Type {
Show 24 fields pub TASKS_START: u32, pub TASKS_STOP: u32, pub TASKS_SAMPLE: u32, pub RESERVED: [u32; 61], pub EVENTS_READY: u32, pub EVENTS_DOWN: u32, pub EVENTS_UP: u32, pub EVENTS_CROSS: u32, pub RESERVED1: [u32; 60], pub SHORTS: u32, pub RESERVED2: [u32; 64], pub INTENSET: u32, pub INTENCLR: u32, pub RESERVED3: [u32; 61], pub RESULT: u32, pub RESERVED4: [u32; 63], pub ENABLE: u32, pub PSEL: u32, pub REFSEL: u32, pub EXTREFSEL: u32, pub RESERVED5: [u32; 4], pub ANADETECT: u32, pub RESERVED6: [u32; 5], pub HYST: u32,
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@brief Low Power Comparator (LPCOMP)



< (@ 0x00000000) Start comparator


< (@ 0x00000004) Stop comparator


< (@ 0x00000008) Sample comparator value

§RESERVED: [u32; 61]§EVENTS_READY: u32

< (@ 0x00000100) LPCOMP is ready and output is valid


< (@ 0x00000104) Downward crossing


< (@ 0x00000108) Upward crossing


< (@ 0x0000010C) Downward or upward crossing

§RESERVED1: [u32; 60]§SHORTS: u32

< (@ 0x00000200) Shortcuts between local events and tasks

§RESERVED2: [u32; 64]§INTENSET: u32

< (@ 0x00000304) Enable interrupt


< (@ 0x00000308) Disable interrupt

§RESERVED3: [u32; 61]§RESULT: u32

< (@ 0x00000400) Compare result

§RESERVED4: [u32; 63]§ENABLE: u32

< (@ 0x00000500) Enable LPCOMP

§PSEL: u32

< (@ 0x00000504) Input pin select

§REFSEL: u32

< (@ 0x00000508) Reference select


< (@ 0x0000050C) External reference select

§RESERVED5: [u32; 4]§ANADETECT: u32

< (@ 0x00000520) Analog detect configuration

§RESERVED6: [u32; 5]§HYST: u32

< (@ 0x00000538) Comparator hysteresis enable

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