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§C2Rust transpiled header contents (static inline functions

Types in here are distinct from those created in the main module (using bindgen); unifying those will be part of bindgen’s #1334, but it’s a long way there.

Use these functions through the re-export in the main module, for the C headers may flip-flop between static inline and linked.

Some special treatment has been applied in the course of the transpilation process:

  • All functions were made pub
  • All functions have their extern "C" removed. Any C component would already use it via their original definitions, there is no need to re-export them or to restrain their ABI (as they are here for efficient inlining into Rust code only).
  • For C const initializers (eg. #define MUTEX_INIT { { NULL } }), there is no way for a transpiler to recognize which type this is actually for. That information is tracked manually in as a list of known initializers. They get turned into const functions in the style of fn init_MUTEX_INIT() -> mutex_t.




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