pub trait Handler {
    type RequestData;

    fn extract_request_data(
        &mut self,
        request: &impl ReadableMessage
    ) -> Self::RequestData; fn estimate_length(&mut self, request: &Self::RequestData) -> usize; fn build_response(
        &mut self,
        response: &mut impl MutableWritableMessage,
        request: Self::RequestData
    ); }
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A CoAP request handler. This gets called by a CoAP server implementation that the handler is assigned to; the server has the handler digest the request’s data into a RequestData structure, possibly calls estimate_length before allocating a response message, and then asks the handler to populate the allocated response message with data persisted in the RequestData structure.

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An easy way to have resources that may or may not be there in a tree, considering that Handler is not object safe and thus, if let Some(x) { all = won’t work.

This returns 4.04 Not Found if the inner handler is absent, and otherwise forwards request and response building.